Tel:  0086-532-8752-8318
Add: No.2,Zhujiang First Road,Jimo City,Qingdao, China
We have many experts with rich working experience. They are very familiar with all procedures of the production and export. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions around the world till now,
Qingdao Forward Metal & Plastic Products Co,.LTD. is located in Qingdao Jimo City Shandong Province. We are a professional manufacturer & exporter for products which is used in pasture. Such as  drinking bowl and trough,Farm Fence Hardware, Livestock Equipment for Sheep, Cattle and Horses.Our products are exported through Qingdao Port which has the advantage of convenient........【MORE
Copyright (C)Qingdao Forward Metal & Plastic Products Co,.LTD

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